Am I?

Cerita Ail
2 min readSep 23, 2023


Source: Psycherelics in Tele.

Everyone is in their confusion, we pretend to be not.

One fine day at a Zoo, in dreamland.

Ndanice was such a loveable red panda. When all the animals in the Zoo saw him, they knew everyone wanted to be closer to him. Such moment-to-moment in the Zoo, Ndanice saw it as a beautiful place to live in.


One unlucky day for him, he fell in love at first sight with another animal, Sweenie, the gorgeous and charming swan. As a flirty animal, Sweenie accepted the dating invitation. They agreed to meet on a first date at the lake near the bamboo forest.

They talked to each other. Knew one fact to another fact. Listened and told, didn’t forget to have switched. Aah, such a beautiful moment to be told.

Ndanice was blinded by love. Like other animals that fall in love, Ndanice had many expectations for Sweenie. He gave much attention and love to her.

Sweenie at first, just wanted to be experimenting, but felt uncomfortable then.

“This is love bombing, I am sorry, I can’t be with you.”

Ndanice had broken-hearted. He still asked the questions to himself:

“Am I not loveable enough?”

“Am I not unworthy to be with her?”

“Am I ugly?”

“Am I boring?”

And so many “Am I” to be started with.

After several weeks, Ndanice slowly healed.


Until now, he still asked the question:

“Am I?”



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