Tree’s leaves at park.
The beauty of nature (photo by myself)

Everyone has their beauty, and it’s fabulous

Cerita Ail
Aug 23, 2023

We were not growing up like Barbie or Ken, didn’t change our values at all.

Our values are not determined by what we mask for, what we wear for, what we have face, mole, lip, mustache, beard, or anything at all that others see about it.

It is about our heart and our attitude.

Maybe you feel like the ugliest duck ever, but do you ever know, that someone maybe sees you like a beautiful swan?

Every person has their market. People will love us whatever it was or it is, and they will accept us as what we are.

It just needs time, to meet like the chemistry-suitable people.

Be patient, someone waits for you in front of the street, along your way.

Be kind, always.



Cerita Ail

People call me Ail. Love to interact with others, with an enthusiastic and warm personality. An impactful listener.