I forgot to listen to myself and I was hurting the others

Cerita Ail
1 min readAug 29, 2023


You must save yourself first, than the others.

One fine day.

It had become the worst day ever, after a lot of arguments. Maybe I was feeling irritated, so I defended myself. And I know: it was not our wrongness.

It was just my condition. I loved to listen to the others but forgot to listen to myself first.

Listening is one of our functions as human beings, to empathize with each other. The organ is the ears, and the processor of what we have heard is our heart (conscience).

Con and Science. Con has meaning by “with”, “together”, or “jointly”. Science is from scire and has meaning by “to know”. Conscience means “to be aware of guilt”, and it is related to (1) moral awareness and (2) physical or mental awareness.

In Bahasa Indonesia, it is translated to hati nurani. In KBBI, it has two meanings of hati nurani: (1) the heart that got the light (nur) from God and (2) the deep-down feeling of the heart.

Deep down inside.

I must measure myself, what I feel, and the unheard from the bottom of my heart.

Listen to your heart first, then listen to other’s hearts.

The gift to listen to the unheard, the invest truth, the moment, & present.
“The gift to listen to the unheard, the invest truth, the moment, & present,” the illustration by HRF.



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