In the Between: When Ideality met Reality

Cerita Ail
2 min readNov 20, 2023


Once upon a time, Dea met Ali for the first time in their life. Dea was an ambitious, smartest person in her school, gorgeous, kind, and full of love. Ali was lazy, the most stupid student in his school, an ugly duckling, bad, and rough.

Dea and Ali acted like enemies sometimes. At other times, they acted like nurturing people to each other. Dea cared for Ali so much, that even Ali always hurt her. Ali cared for Dea, but in other ways, misunderstood by Dhea,

“It is not care! It is harsh!”

At the bottom of their heart, especially Dea, she was envious when Ali met and played with his friends. Dea wanted to have many friends too. Yeah, same with Ali, Ali was envious when Dea always got top scorer in her school, diligent, and a hard studer (like a hard worker but for a student).

Then, one day, they played at a pond in between their schools. They met Gappy, the guppy fish. Gappy was swimming very fast, but when their hand touched the surface of the pond, Gappy came closer and sent bubbles from its mouth.

Dea and Ali were laughing at each other. It was the first time moment when they were not arguing with each other.

Then Dea and Ali, also Gappy, became best friends forever, they had promised to share joy and happiness with the entire world.

“Blubup… blubup… blubup…”

Happily ever after.

Happiness is when we are smiling. Even if it's fake, it will warm the others.



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