Love and Confused

Cerita Ail
2 min readSep 13, 2023


I told my therapist about you.
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One word that describes what I am wanting for.


One word that tells me how messy my life is.

Once upon a time, there was a deer, that drank water at the side river. Suddenly, a pony horse came and drank beside him. They kept silent until the pony horse talked to him,

“What do you think about love?”

The Deer, Majes, thought it would be a simple answer,

“Love is a chemical reaction in our body, that makes our heart bumping so fast. Love is natural. It is what it is.”

They talked a lot, about love, life, and the between.

For Nicita, the pony horse, love is about loyalty and commitment,

“You must be focus to one person in entire your life.”

There are a lot of questions in Majes’ mind,

“What do we know it is right person for us?”

Nicita smiled and was permitted to leave from the side river. Majes still wandered and was confused. Then, he grazed in a meadow between two mountains. He met a fluffy sheep, Epipanny, and then he asked her, the same question as Nicita to him,

“What do you think about love?”

Epipanny smiled and said with cherish,

“It is okay not to have all answers in this world. Several questions are not to be answered now. You will know later. Be patient. Be kind. Love will meet you at the right time, place, and condition.”

Majes smiled again, took a deep breath, and grazed with Epipanny, more calm and less anxious.



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