Pharmacosound: Who am I?

Cerita Ail
2 min readFeb 26, 2024



In the name of God, the Almighty, with Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim

I listen to the earth, sea, and sky as mothers. Whatever it will be, I am just see many good people around me, maybe everyone? They don’t know if they are good person too. Thank you for the enlighment God and Angels from the sky. I am just human being that curiosity about your face in Paradise. Your creation is very beautiful, both sounds and face. I hope You will sing with me in hereafter, aamiin insya Allah.

Furqon Albanna in BC.

My name is Furqon Albanna.

I am a singer, a gamer, and a teacher.

I was born in West Java, before century (BC).

I am just human being from Mars.

My sun in Aquarius with ascendant in Taurus, moon in Capricorn, mercury in Aquarius, venus in Capricorn, mars in Pisces, jupiter in Aries, saturn in Taurus, uranus in Aquarius, neptune in Aquarius, pluto in Sagittarius, chiron in Sagittarius, black moon lilith in sagittarius, north node in Leo, part of fortune in Taurus, and midheaven in Aquarius.

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Cerita Ail

People call me Ail. Love to interact with others, with an enthusiastic and warm personality. An impactful listener.