The hardest part is not leaving you, but to stand alone

Cerita Ail
May 24, 2024


The Hardest Part — Olivia Dean (Source: Spotify)

I was standing alone in the middle of night. Alone. My mind was reminding you. Your smile. Your laugh. Your blunt honesty. I loved you, but tonight is not your night.

Tonight is my night, alone again, without you. It is time to contemplating what I have done, “Can I be alone enough to survived with?” Loneliness is something that I was fear a lot. Until I met you, and you leave me without hesitate.

I hate you, but I know I cannot.

I love you, but I know I am miserable with you.

I just want to stand alone, without you anymore in my mind.


It is never hard like this before.




Cerita Ail

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