Wandering Mind

Cerita Ail
1 min readSep 29, 2023


My mind is wandering, to be unseen, to be unheard, except with you.

I walked from one place to another, and I saw many uniqueness of human beings. Yeah, but just one that made me deep fall in love, is you.

I don’t fall in love easily. Maybe liking and having an interest, were something ordinary for me.

Being an observer, I chose to see you from far away. We see the same sky, but I know, we need time to process everything that’s happening in our life.

Back ago, I rushed things, so you felt uneasy, even just to see me like we always did. But it’s okay, it is punishment for me to attach so much, like a baby to his mom.

Take a deep breath. I know I will pass it.

I just want to say, “You have a strong and soft heart, so please bear and be patient with that.”

I adore you so much and I am never bored to say that, again and again.

I see you as a butterfly with flame wings, so hot, and gorgeous.

Butterfly monochrome.
You are not what your looks, but the meaning of that.

Please be kind, to everyone, including me, especially.



Cerita Ail

People call me Ail. Love to interact with others, with an enthusiastic and warm personality. An impactful listener.